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What an awesome story!

This past summer we were at the Verona Baptist Church in Verona, MO for 5 nights of Vacation Bible Study.  I used one of my characters each night, and one night I had my Grandpa Earl character, and through the entire evening I just didn't feel like I was connecting with the kids.  However, I was wrong.  The Pastor later told me that it was the Grandpa character that made the biggest impact.  Today, on 9/16/18, we went back to the Verona Baptist Church and a young girl went forward to accept Christ as her Savior.  After the service, the Pastor told me that she was at Vacation Bible School, and she really liked my Grandpa Character, and it really made her ask some questions.  Who would have thought that I would be there to witness what happened today.  This validates what we do!  Our mission is to share hope, laughter, and inspiration everywhere we go.  

Our Passion and Ministry!

My wife and I are passionate about people.  It's that simple. Through Kerry and Friends, it's our desire to reach people with hope, laughter, and inspiration.  Our Shows consist of lots of fun and humor, and this leads to an inspirational message leaving people with hope for a better day.  One of the fun things we offer is Karaoke with my characters, and we also include Praise and Worship Music. Our passion is for those who attend our shows to feel challenged to be more involved in their own community and leave being inspired to do more. Contact us today to schedule us at your next event, and together let's change our communities, nation, and the world.  See you soon! 

Kerry and Friends Promo Video!

You too can share Hope, Laughter, and Inspiration everywhere you go by wearing this Kerry and Friends T-Shirt.  For a $15 donation we will send you a shirt.  Just let us know what size you need.   We hope to hear from you soon.

Ministry Background and Current Positions!



Children's Pastor

 Youth Pastor

Worship Leader

Christian Comedian/Ventriloquist

International Ventriloquist Society Member

Motivational Speaker

Board Member for the State Volunteer Leadership Team with the Missouri Hospital Association

Board Member with the National Association of Evangelism

Military Career

United States Army 1992-2002

Medic, Chaplain Assistant, and Career Counselor

NCOIC of Family Readiness and Sponsorship

Since 2002 I have been involved with Veteran Support