Kerry and Friends

  Sharing Hope, Laughter, and Inspiration !

Our Passion and Ministry!

My wife and I are passionate about people.  It's that simple. Through Kerry and Friends it's our desire to reach people with hope, laughter, and inspiration.  Our Shows consist of lots of fun and humor, which leads to an inspirational message leaving people with hope for a better day.  One of our passions is for those who attend our shows will feel challenged to be more involved in their own community. Contact us today to schedule us at your next event, and together let's change our communities, nation, and the world.  See you soon! 

Kerry and Friends Promo Video!

"We thoroughly enjoyed Kerry Joe and Friends. His message was presented in such a unique way, something for everyone in the service. The Holy Spirit is truly at work through this ministry"....Pastor Shannon Skinner with the First Church of God in Farmington, MO.  
"Kerry and Friends is a great ministry that reaches out to young kids and teaches them about the wordof God. We had the opportunity to invite Kerry and Friends to come speak to thechildren at Galloway Full Gospel, (which range from 7- 13 years old). ALL ofthe kids loved his characters, and they enjoyed learning about Jesus Christ.This is a great interactive ministry that gets the kids involved and excitedabout the Lord. We had a handful of kids that raised their hands to be saved,which is exactly what this ministry is all about!! Those kids got to go home knowing for sure who their Savior was and where they would spend eternity. I would recommend Kerry and Friends to any church program; it is a special treat that the kids will love!!"

Ashley West
Children’s Minister
Galloway Full GospelChurch

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